Rinakaruy means “to go on a journey” in Quechua, one of Bolivia’s many indigenous languages.



“This album will take you on a journey through seven Bolivian landscapes, each of the compositions portraying one of those unique places. From the calm lagoons of the bolivian highland to the busyness of the Barrio 12 de Enero in Quillacollo, you will find yourself in locations that seem to be on a different planet, their essence captured in sound by the band.”
  1. Barrio 12 de Enero, Calle 5
  2. Q’ocha
  3. Callari
  4. Tunari
  5. Uyuni
  6. Rinakaruy
  7. Alas

About Paykuna

Earthy, knitted and deep. Paykuna’s approach is the symbiosis of Bolivian folk music and modern jazz aesthetics. This band is the creation of swiss-bolivian pianist Demian Coca, who’s compositions are multi-layered soundscapes, full of rhythmic variety and vivid melodies. Paykuna takes the listener on to a journey, somewhere between the rainforests of Amazonia and the deep lakes of Switzerland.