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The birth of SONNA Records

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The birth of SONNA Records

Welcome to SONNA Records. This is an online platform to share brand new releases and collaborations with you. A place to find personal stories expressed throughout sounds and silence. The idea for this new record label came about over one year ago.

By then, I felt the urge to connect with something that would give me a greater sense of being. After one of my dancing classes, I could connect with my own body again. I was driving home and I could feel how much rest and peace was flowing through me. I experienced how that feeling was giving me strength and creativity. At that moment in the car, the idea for my solo album SONNA was born. By being connected with myself again, I could listen to the desire to become independent as a vocalist and really express myself with my voice, to say and sing who I am and what I have to say.

Especially in these times, where our world is changing dramatically and we can feel lost, I was feeling very much drowned under the weight of my own grief. But in these times, songs of ancient traditions, the scent of pine trees and the view of a blossoming meadow were there to catch me. They were my source of nutrition to gain trust and strength. They were the source for new sounds and sighs, the source to create SONNA and rely again on my inner greatness.

With SONNA Records it is my wish and ambition to bring trust, courage, rest, inspiration and adventure to you. To create a space where the pure essence of life is tangible trough music.