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KAMA Kollektiv releases single ‘Plastic Trees’

April 1st, 2024 we released the second single ‘Plastic Trees’, composed and recorded by KAMA Kollektiv. It can be found on all major music platforms.

“Plastic Trees” is more than any other song on the album a political statement. A sarcastic look at the world in 2024 – a world characterized by neoliberal capitalism, over-regulation, artificial intelligence in artificial environments, destruction of nature, and a merciless command to comply with an imposed world order. A world in which wildlife parks are built as tourist attractions and the landscape is structured by highways. A world in which we meet those who do not fit in by telling them how to behave. The lyrics are a romantic outcry from a rebel at heart. Songs like this have been written aplenty in recent decades. Has it helped? – apparently not. Does that mean we should just give up and accept how things turn out? – this you may decide for yourself.