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KAMA Kollektiv releases single ‘Eick’

January 26, 2024 we released the single ‘Eick’ of KAMA Kollektiv on all major music platforms.

The norwegian trumpet player Mathias Eick has had a very important role on my path of becoming a professional musician. His music found me and inspired me on a moment that I thought there is no place for a musician like me. His music helped me to find my own musical world and way of writing jazz-inspired music without the pressure of fitting into a certain box. His lyrical playing and absolutely magnificent sound has driven me to work on my own distinguishable one, and to keep developing it further in order to make my trumpet sound more and more beautiful and expressive. Thanks to Mathias (and other strong and authentic artists I have crossed paths with) I know now that it is essential to aim to be unapologetically true to yourself. The first single “Eick” is both inspired by and dedicated to Mathias Eick.