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New artist Elsiris

Elsiris new artist post in colour. Trio consisting of Jasmien, Pierre-Antoine and Élie standing next to one another in nature

We are proud to sign yet another new artist at SONNA Records. The Belgian band Elsiris, founded by Jasmien Geijsels.

Jasmien founded this trio in which she combines the unusual instrumentation of flugelhorn, piano and drums. The trio forms a close entity where free improvisation can be playful as well as profound. Through the important elements of sound and space, the compositions reveal and unfold themselves on their own time. This results into a delicate and immersive experience.

“To tell a story, whether it’s with words or music, and knowing you’ve caught everyone’s immediate attention, drawing them closer into your tale making them forget everything around. This sensation of being immersed into something bigger than yourself is a feeling I’m striving for.”