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Mudita signs to SONNA Records

A photo from Mudita, with Sanne Rambags (middle), Sjoerd van Eijck (right) and Koen Smits (left)

We are extremely happy to share that the trio Mudita has signed with SONNA Records! Mudita will release their second album Nature of the Netherlands, an ode to our Dutch landscape. The year 2021 is the year of the National Parks of the Netherlands. Mudita is working with National Parks Bureau and Staatsbosbeheer to generate more attention for the beautiful nature of the Netherlands. For more info on the ode year of the National Parks visit the website here. Mudita’s first single will be released on February 18th, stay tuned for their forthcoming music!

The album Nature of the Netherlands will be released in co-creation with the renowned Dutch label ZenneZ Records. It is very special to join
forces with artistic director John Weijers, to share our love for the creation and message of this new music.

You can pre-order the album here.


Check out the music of Mudita here