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KAMA Kollektiv releases album ‘As If I Lived a Different Life’

May 10th, 2024 we celebrate the release of the album ‘As If I Lived a Different Live’. Composed and recorded by KAMA Kollektiv.

‘As if I lived a different life’ is a homage to all the lives we could potentially live. Connecting daydreams and lunatic desires, the songs on the album explore alternative realities and wonderworlds. With a sarcastic glimpse at our perceived reality, the lyrics indulge in the realm of “what could be, but is not”. 

Our creative urge for making this album was to develop the sound of the band into a new direction and make a captivating piece of art with a collection of intriguing stories. The parables of the album are compiling experiences of isolation, self-discovery, surrendering, abandonment, disillusionment, connection, authenticity, expectations and lack of time. Kiki’s music and lyrics are derived from glitches of her stream of thoughts and glimpses from her dreams, aiming to give a voice for the emotions and subjects she finds otherwise complicated to express. Jonathan’s lyrics are inspired by poets such as E. E. Cummings and William S. Burroughs, and strive to merge absurdity, poetic beauty, and sociopolitical criticism. 

KAMA Kollektiv’s 3rd album invites to escape into an imaginary world where plastic trees create hide-outs for dragons, dreams adventurously evolve, and life moves at a different pace. Most importantly, the journey brings us to question what is really essential, and how to be unapologetically true to ourselves.

We hope you join the quest and enjoy the ride!