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layered soundscape arrangements, full of rhythmic variation and melody


“Paykuna is the creation of the swiss-bolivian composer and pianist Demian Coca. His approach can be described as a symbiosis of Bolivian folk music and modern jazz aesthetics. The compositions are layered soundscapes, full of rhythmic variation and melody. Also, he knows how to give his players plenty of room for improvisation and performs a sophisticated balancing act between control and intuition. Paykuna takes the listener on to a journey – somewhere between the rainforests of Amazonia and the deep lakes of Switzerland. Demian Coca’s father, also a musician, brought him close to the traditional music of Bolivia at a very young age. This deep-rooted influence can be heard in all compositions Demian Coca makes for Paykuna and also forms the conceptual basis of the band. With Paykuna the emphasis is on folklore, but the cool, methodical Swiss side of the composer is certainly not hidden.“


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Press Raíces (2017)

“This album brings some fresh air from the Andes and massive mountain storms from the Alps. […] Adventures, unusual and bold. This is what is means to ‘know your roots’ ” – UK Vibe

“Excellent high-spirited Jazz.” – Contemporary Fusion

“An exceptional debut album – as inspiring as it is enjoyable – from a group which deserves to go far: very far.” – Jazz Journal