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Colourful dialogues between voice and accordion


Singer, composer and improvisor Sanne Rambags creates truly magical moments with her warm sound and heartfelt performance. At a young age, she was already developing into a musician with a deeply personal sound. Rambags is one of the few singers of her generation who is able to improvise with openness. Sometimes using her own lyrics and poetry, sometimes merging totally with her fellow musicians. This gives her voice an instrumental role, allowing her to explore the limits of vocals and her own sound and discover new soundscapes.

In 2019 she received an Edison Award with her trio Mudita in the category Jazz/World Vocal National for their album Listen To The Sound Of The Forest. Sanne Rambags is performing all over the world with different projects, to connect with all kinds of people and musicians, communicating through sounds, deep intentions and expressions.


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