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Constelar - Demian Coca Jazz Orchestra


Constelar – Demian Coca Jazz Orchestra

Constelar a Jazz Orchestra founded and led by Swiss composer Demian Coca. Inspired by the arrangements of Gil Evans and the compositions of Maria Schneider, Demian Coca began working on a concept that would bring forth an orchestra with a most colorful and unique sound.

“A teacher once told me that at some point I would have to stop forming bands with friends in order to be “successful”. Although I never fully believed him, it took me six years to understand all the hidden messages of this advice and to realize that they were totally wrong for me. Constelar is an orchestra consisting of people I got to know and appreciate during my studies. Musicians with whom I feel a connection on both a personal and musical level. Constelar’s goal is also not success per se, but to create meaningful music that offers listeners a space in which they can unfold their imagination. The project should flow when it can and rest when it must. It will grow, maybe slowly – or in big leaps, but certainly at its own pace.

I realized that bringing 17 musical friends together and playing music with them is all the success I need. The result is «Neblina», an album containing four new compositions of mine, an arrangement of the beloved standard Israel by John Carisi and a tribute to my roots. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.“

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