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1 At Great Height
2 Albina
3 Separation
4 Lemuria
5 Breen
6 Silene
7 Enigma
8 Sonna
9 Kalon
10 Ashes
11 Drawn
12 Light
13 Kali
14 Dagali
15 Whelve
16 Aine
17 Lunatic
18 Nude
19 Evolve
20 Lethe
21 Hemispheres
22 Polyhymnia
23 Manna
24 Rite
25 Hlin

"Sanne Rambags creates a space where the pure essence of life becomes tangible."

“Over the past years, I have experienced how my growth as a performing artist has brought with it not only an overpowering feeling of happiness, but also a deep sense of destructiveness. It’s in those destructive times that I have come to recognize that my voice is a source of healing. The primal force I can set in motion in moments of surrendering totally to sounds. The opportunity to express myself is the most powerful medicine I have.”

With her new solo album SONNA, Sanne Rambags takes you on a transcendental quest in search of adventure, faith and freedom. A journey in which nature is her greatest source of inspiration.

SONNA is about rediscovering your innocence and imagination. It’s about not being afraid to let yourself be heard. And continuing to believe in your own greatness.