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Creating a space where the essence of life becomes tangible

Creating meaningful connections and openness.


Let yourself be enchanted and take the road less traveled.


Trust your own greatness, your true nature.

Music brings us comfort, healing, love and happiness. This tradition dates back to a time when we did not have the option of sharing music via the internet, CDs or vinyl records and the like. Music was something special and intimate, something for rituals and ceremonies. It gave us a sweet melody for company, allowed us to celebrate with an exuberant song or to express our deepest emotions in everyday life, and share our feelings from heart to heart. Today, we still have to face life’s challenges and music continues to serve as a healing balm and a way of connecting with others. This irresistible drive to make music and the significance of sound to humankind is an immense source of inspiration and the reason why SONNA Records was created. Our deepest desire and ambition is to harness this power and share it in these current times.

Sanne Rambags, vocalist and founder of SONNA Records, is a Dutch singer with a distinctly unique sound. On her quest for the world’s most exceptional and connective collaborations, time and again she finds opportunities for creating magic and sharing it with many listeners. It’s her voice that allows her to do this; a voice she uses in her own unique way to express and color the world of her emotions. The name SONNA came into being a long time ago, during a trip to Norway, when a local resident misheard Sanne’s name. Since then, she has always carried this name with her and it symbolizes the adventurous and innocent child that lies hidden within us all.

In June 2020, SONNA Records came out with its first release, Sanne Rambags’ album of the same name: SONNA. It is the first of a trilogy of recordings and the start of an adventure for the new label.